We’re living in a golden age of string quartets...It’s hard to disagree when you hear the vibrant young players in New York’s Attacca Quartet.

They may be a relatively young ensemble, but already they come very close to epitomizing the string quartet ideal...Mastery like this is scarce enough in quartets that have played together for decades.
— The Washington Post

they played, quite impeccably
— Gothamist

exuberant, funky and...more exactingly nuanced.
— The New York Times

The Attacca Quartet enthralled a standing-room-only crowd.
— The Strad

the opening work on the recording [shows]...the Attacca Quartet’s superlative technical and artistic execution
— Gramophone

They are rollicking, raucous, and highly rhythmic and the perfect demonstration of the quartet’s ability to be precise.
— Strings

Young New Yorkers, the Attacca Quartet have found the ideal vehicle for channeling some of that city’s unbridled energy in a new album
— Musical Toronto

Few [recent recordings] are as consequential as “Fellow Traveler,” . . . superb performances by the young Attacca Quartet
— Boston Globe

True to their name, the Attacca foursome jumped into action...[their] relentless drive and precision seemed to dissolve the bar lines.
— American Record Guide

Most striking is the focused energy and the greater forward momentum even in the slower, more expressive sections....[overall] an enormously satisfying debut album.
— Fanfare

All [movements] are played deftly and vigorously by the quartet.
— Washington Post

[Attacca] is a finer champion than most, revealing both the richness and sheer quality of the music. Along with uncommon vibrancy, they bring to the table a wild, almost punk aesthetic as fitting as it is rare.
— Cleveland Plains Dealer

[With] more thoughtfulness....[The Quartet] brings out the internal mysteries of the music, and the swing a little bit more.
— Sequenza 21

...Seeing the Attacca Quartet’s incredible performance of his music. Three cheers to them for capturing the multiplicity of personalities embedded in Adams’ music.
— Bachtrack

More impressive, however, is the confidence and élan with which the works are performed. The Attacca are remarkable in every aspect of performance here.
— ConcertoNet

The Attacca Quartet does well with both these contrasting emotional worlds [in John Adam’s music], and they are undaunted by the considerable technical challenges in the music.
— All Music

But they’re also hungrier, their tempos bold and their pizzicato biting, which lets them bring Adams’s rhythms to life like never before.