“The 68”

A Long-Term Project and Concert Series with the Attacca Quartet

We are now in our twelfth season as a string quartet; this would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and support of many people. Over the years, we have explored a variety of string quartets greatly ranging in styles, sounds, and complexity. As we attempt to understand these most abstract of works, we have discovered the importance of looking to the roots of their composition to more fully realize what inspired so many composers to create such a fantastic repertoire for this genre. What better way to do this than to play the complete string quartets of the man who started it all, Franz Joseph Haydn?

We are so thrilled to have presented our multi-year project that we have named “The 68.” The title refers to the 68 string quartets that Haydn wrote over the course of his life. Each exhibits its own unique characteristics and compositional techniques. We have been so captivated by these works that it feels only natural to feature a number of Haydn string quartets as an entire program, as opposed to the usual tradition of hearing only one as a concert opener. Each concert was also preceded by a talk and demonstration by the Attacca Quartet in order to highlight the unique features of each selection on the programs we selected. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on 65th Street and Central Park West graciously agreed to host “The 68” in its entirety. We cannot be more pleased with the experience and result of using this church for the series, both for its beautiful acoustics and its warm atmosphere ideal for experiencing these works.


No single body of work could be a stronger education for a young quartet, and the grins that appeared on the faces of [the Attacca Quartet] while they were playing suggested, too, that there couldn’t be anything more fun…they have learned Haydn’s lessons well.
— The New York Times