reaching out


Educational Outreach has been one of our priorities from the very beginning of our career. We have led and participated in a number of educational programs in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Japan. We offer the following programs in three languages: English, Spanish and Japanese.




Storytelling with Attacca (Grades K-6)

At an elementary school, the quartet performs "Storytelling with Attacca" in which the quartet collaborates with the students in creating an elaborate musical narrative inspired by a specific piece of music.

Other offerings include:

  • Short, exciting performances of selections include classical, new music and the group’s famous viral YouTube Star Wars arrangement.

  • Introduction to our instruments themselves

  • Guided question-and-answer session

Musical Conversations (Grades 6-12) 

In a high school the quartet would offer “Musical Conversations,” a more broad and personal look at the string quartet repertoire - demonstrating the more personal/emotional connection each composer and piece has to the members of the quartet.

Other offerings include:

  • Exciting performances of selections from the group’s repertoire.

  • Personalized introductions to each member of the ensemble

  • Discussion of what chamber music is

  • Explanation of career in music and what it entails

  • Open question-and-answer session