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Dear Attacca Friends,

After spending six years completing “The 68” string quartets of Joseph Haydn, The New York Times wrote about our new series “Recently Added” that will feature the complete works of living composers.  In our exploration of the repertoire of the 21st century we have been surprised and delighted to see so many connections to the string quartets of Beethoven. 

From this discovery we were thrilled to form a new project: Based on Beethoven

To each of us, performing all of the Beethoven quartets has been a life-long dream and goal. Correspondingly, to any composer who writes a string quartet, Beethoven’s influence on the genre is always monumental. We hope to introduce you to these contemporary composers through the lens of the great Beethoven works.

Each of these concerts are being performed and recorded at:

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
3 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023

We look forward to sharing these works with all of you soon!


Amy, Keiko, Nathan & Andrew